CENTAUR Annual Meeting 2023

Paul Brest Hall
555 Salvatierra Walk
Stanford, CA 94305

Recap Video

Thursday August 17

8:30am-9:00am Breakfast and Registration
9:00am-9:10am Opening Remarks Clark Barrett Director of Centaur
Session I
9:10am-9:30am When AR met AI Clark Barrett Faculty
9:30am-9:50am nl2spec: Interactively Translating Unstructured Natural Language to Temporal Logics with Large Language Models Chris Hahn Visiting Assistant Professor
9:50am-10:20am Coffee break
Session II
10:20am-10:40am Bitwuzla: A New SMT Solver For Bit-Precise Reasoning Mathias Preiner Senior Research Scientist
10:40am-11:00am G-QED Pre-silicon Verification Saranyu Chattopadhyay PhD Student
11:00am-11:20am IPASIR-UP: User Propagators for CDCL - A CaDiCaL Integration into CDCL(T) Aina Niemetz Senior Research Scientist
11:20am-11:50am Coffee break
Session III
11:50am-12:10pm An Abstract Calculus for Optimization Modulo Theories Nestan Tsiskaridze Research Scientist
12:10pm-12:35pm Lightning Talks
12:35pm-2:20pm Lunch and Poster Session
Session IV
2:20pm-2:40pm Advances in Syntax-Guided Synthesis Abdalrhman Mohamed PhD Student
2:40pm-3:00pm Partitioning Strategies for Parallel SMT Solving Amalee Wilson PhD Student
3:00pm-3:30pm Coffee break
Session V
3:30pm-3:50pm Automatic Verification of SMT Rewrites in Isabelle/HOL Hanna Lachnitt PhD Student
3:50pm-4:10pm Bounded Verification for Finite-Field-Blasting in a Compiler for Zero Knowledge Proofs Alex Ozdemir PhD Student
4:10pm-4:15pm Closing Remarks Clark Barrett Director of Centaur
4:30pm-6:00pm Reception